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Important Information For Dee Ganley classes and/or private sessions:

Dee offers classes that blend effective, humane management techniques with positive reinforcement training methods. I believe that positive reinforcement training is the most effective and humane method of creating happy, eager, and joyful partnerships between animals and humans. We will be focusing & working on Self Control Skills.

What is Positive Reinforcement? It is a training method based on the science of operant conditioning (which is a set of scientific principles about why animals change their behavior). Behavior is changed when it is reinforced.  You will learn the fun, the joy, the challenge and the effectiveness of training your dog by positively reinforcing behaviors you want. And we’ll show you how through good management to extinguish behaviors you don’t want. You will learn to lead, but not to dominate.

The Important Details:

  • After we receive your completed registration, temperament evaluation questionnaire we will confirm by phone or email that you are registered.
  • We start on time!  Please get there a few minutes ahead of time to be sure that you have all your training aids set up.  Give yourself enough time to walk your dog so s/he can relieve himself before class. Be prepared to clean up after him.
  • For dogs over 4 months old, bring proof of current DA2PV & Rabies vaccinations.  Kennel Cough vaccine is  not required.


  • Bring LOTS of tasty bite size (one chew) food treats Really good smelly treats like hot dogs, string cheese, etc.  You’ll need at least 2 cups of treats. NO hard dog biscuits.
  • Favorite toy (ball, Kong, pull toy) Chew toy
  • Your dog should be wearing a flat buckle collar (no choke or pinch collars). If you have a gentle leader be sure to have it on your dog when you come into class.
  • 6’ leash nylon, canvas or leather (not a chain leash). No Flexi-leads during training class.
  • For all agility classes use a lead with no loop handle
  • Bring a blanket for the dog to lie on
  • Don’t feed your dog during the half-day before coming to private/class.
  • Of course he can have all the water he needs.  Positive reinforcement with food only works if your dog is hungry!!!!
  • Don’t spend lots of playtime with your PUPPY before class or he’ll be too tired to learn. Do play with your adolescent dogs 15 minutes or so before class so they can work off their extra energy and can concentrate.
  • Do your playing at home before driving to class. Use your judgment – you want to train your dog when he can focus and learn.
  • For the best results the puppy or the adult dog will need to be HUNGRY and ALERT. If your dog is hungry, alert and focused he’ll learn quickly, develop self-control and work eagerly for the reward.

Any questions? Call Dee at 603-735-5543