Dee’s Dog Training Classes Descriptions

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Puppy Socialization
ppies 9 weeks and under 5 months of age  Obstacles to walk on and through. We only have a few good months to really work on these skills a short period of time in which to become accustomed to all of the sights and sounds of the whole wide world in a controled setting. In this hands on class, you will learn how to safely and positively expose your puppy to new things so that she grows up to be a confident, well-adjusted dog. During this class, your puppy will meet new people, play with other puppies and be exposed to lots of props, including hats, walkers, strollers, skateboards and more. We will teach Name recognition, permission games, exchange games, loose lead walking will be touched upon plus handling skills.

Level 1 – Life Skills
For all dogs 6 months and up  This course focuses on self control skills required to develop a well behaved dog that will be an ambassador for his breed, rather than a public nuisance.   Focusing on EYE contact, recall work, Permission games, Loose lead walking skills, Sit for Greeting, Leave It to name a few.  This is “lifestyle”  obedience  not competition obedience exercises.  This course is designed for both the family pet dog and those dogs who might go on to peruse competition dog sports navigating obstacles that are safe and help with learning to know how to use their bodies.

Level 2  – Continuing from Level 1 and now adding the 4 D’s Distance, Duration, Distration
Perfecting – EYE contact, recall work, Permission games, Loose Lead Walking skills, Sit for Greeting, Leave It to name a few.  This is “lifestyle” obedience not competition obedience exercises.

Level 3 – Fun and Games and CGC prep.
CGC Prep Course  working on building the relationship and continuing to work for off lead skills building a strong bond. Working toward  CGC degree through  AKC visit www.akc.org/events/cgc/training_testing.cfm     We like to train off-site as much as we can. Musical chairs, Tic Tac Tow, working on stays on the platform and on the ground, Grocery Relay games and so much more. Ask Dee if this class is for you and your dog.

Surviving Your Dogs Adolescence – Level 1
For those who have completed Puppy or Level 1 but focusing on the adolescent  6 – 20 months. Dogs go through many phases just like children. You aren’t alone in wondering “Where did that sweet puppy GO?”

Such a fun class for those people and dogs interested in learning how to run an obstacle course but are not necessarily interested in formal agility competition.  Fun-gility will teach the dogs a variety of obstacles and steeplechase courses.  This is running and jumping for fun…every dogs dream!!  Dogs attending this course should have good off leash control and should be at least 6 months old. 

CGC/Tricks Certification
You and your dog train together as you strive toward a goal— a trick dog title! This versatile title allows you to select tricks based upon your mutual strengths., you will pick some from a long list. Its easy, you’re sure to find ones that are right for you and your dog! The Trick Dog title is a team title, and the same dog/handler team must perform the tricks.

Please review and print out this information to learn more about CGC/Tricks Certification.

You will earn two certificates if you successfully complete all through AKC  (mix breeds are welcome.) If you and your dog already have a CGC then we can use that towards 5 tricks and you will just need to teach 5 more skills. These are simple tricks, for example, jumping over a jump, walking a plank or bridge, jumping through hoola hoop, leave it, touch hand or roll a ball. Loads of choices!

The Nose Knows: Scent Games For Your Dog
This class is fun! Engage your dog’s mind, provide exercise, and create training opportunities. Preparing for Competition or Just for Fun

Have you noticed that dogs live by their nose?  A dog’s sense of smell is more powerful than we can possibly imagine.  They can easily detect the presence of one drop of blood in a 55-gallon drum of water.  All this talent needs a positive outlet.  So instead of nagging at your dog to stop sniffing, here’s a chance to learn how to have fun letting your dog be led around by his nose!! Scent work is easy for the dog.  Training your dog to play scent games means figuring out how to “tell” your dog which odor gets rewarded.  This seminar will introduce you to a number of great nose games and show you how to teach your dog the rules.  We’ll use operant conditioning techniques to “mark” the right odor and then reinforce it with food or play.

Everyone will find themselves in awe of what their dog can learn to do with his nose. Both you and your dog will have lots of fun learning scent games!


Therapy Dog Class

This 6 week class focuses on skills dogs and handlers will need in order to work well together as a team while visiting people in different types of facilities and schools.

This class prepares teams to pass a therapy dog evaluation.  This class does  include an evaluation at the last class. Skills we cover include:

  • Working as a team in a school or assisted living environments with you and your dog
  • Applying basic obedience skills in a school or assisted living environment
  • Meeting patients/clients/students appropriately and safely
  • Meeting other dogs appropriately being polite and non aggressive
  • Signs of dog stress and what to do about it

Prerequisites:  Handlers must be willing to use positively based training methods.  Dogs must be at least 18 months of age and work well on a flat collar or front clip harness (no slip, choke, or prong collars).  This is not a class for aggressive or reactive dogs for they are not appropriate as therapy dogs.
Instructor is a CPDT-KSA,CBCC-KA and evaluator through Caring Animal Partners of New London NH plus a  CGC  evaluator

To enroll with Dee for class to be given through NMBDT of Concord NH or Pawsitive Kinecton in Grantham NH with Dee Ganley Register Online Please
Class fee is $225.00/team (includes handouts). Plus evaluation through www.caringanimalpartners.org/

Classes will be held at facilities and also assisted living facilities and nursing home, Dee will bring children to class vocationally to read with your dogs.

Individual Consultations

If you need an individual session please call or email Dee at 603-735-5543 or email Dee@deesdogs.com. We meet Thursdays between 10 AM and 1 PM (on the hour) in Grantham NH and other days by appointment at my home or yours, depending on your concerns with your 4-footed Friend. 

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