Dee’s Favorite Links

  • Information about different medication you might give your dog http://www.veterinaryplace.com/dog-medicine/ 
  • Skeeter’s Favorite Page! See Skeeter in the Winner’s Circle!
  • New England K-9 Search & Rescue – New England K-9 SAR is a full-service airscent K-9 unit with over 25 years of search experience.
  • Wonderful NEW book written by a friend;  Puppy Savvy – Using the kind methods and humor she has shared with her dog-training clients since 1999, Barbara Shumannfang helps you solve your puppy problems. No bribes, no bullying. Learn to customize your training and socialization plan according to your pup’s personality. Save time (and your sanity) by using your pup’s natural needs as powerful motivators to build good habits. Got a Puppy? Get Puppy Savvy
  • Sandy’s Pet Food Center, LLC 141 Old Turnpike Rd. Concord, NH 03301   www.sandyspetfood.com

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Training & Behavior

  • Find a Trainer Association of Professional Dog Trainers www.apdt.com 
  • Trainer / Behaviorist Search by State Certification Council of Professional Dog Trainers www.ccpdt.com
  • Find a Behaviorist International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants http://iaabc.org/
  • American College of Veterinary Behaviorists: http://www.dacvb.org/
  • Book on Diabetic Alert Training – https://www.createspace.com/4157849
  • Kay Laurence – Learning about dogs of the UK. Order your Teaching Dogs Magazine. Plus more info on CCAPClicker Competency Assessment Program — The CCAP really is pretty straightforward and is assessing your training *skills* (vs. accomplishments as in most competitive sports). Kay created this program to provide the direct feedback about their training skills that so many trainers need but don’t necessarily receive at workshops, competitions, etc.
  • Great Dog Training Books and Videos
  • All Things Agility
  • All Things Clicker
  • All Things Ttouch
  • International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants, Inc.
  • Dogs of Course – Dogs of Course offers professional dog training instructor education, dog seminars and other dog-related charitable and educational events.
  • The Straight Poop – Something For Every Dog Owner
  • Behavior Articles for Cats & Dogs – All of the short artic
  • Dog Trainers Directory — Find a Dog Trainer in Your Neighborhood
  • Dog Seminars Directory — Find a Dog Seminar Easily
  • Dr. P’s virtual library of info about dog training & behavior
  • Behavior Articles for Cats & Dogs – All of the short articles were written by Daniel Estep, Ph.D. and Suzanne Hetts, Ph.D. Certified Applied Animal Behaviorists. They were first published in the Rocky Mountain News, Denver, CO. Any reproduction of or quotation from any of these articles must cite both the authors and the Rocky Mountain News. Visit them online at http://www.animalbehaviorassociates.com
  • All Pet Dog & Cat Services – Places that provide dog boarding, dog training, pet sitting, pet supplies, veterinary services or dog grooming.
  • Join a list where students in Dee’s dog classes. or who have worked with Dee individually, may stay in touch with each other and discuss reading/training assignments. If you have a dodgy dog you might also want to join– dodgydogs-subscribe@yahoogroups.com
  • Dogland – Dogland contains over 80 articles written by our experts who continually update and add new content.
  • Canine Inherited Disorders Database — With this database we hope to reduce the incidence of inherited disorders in dogs by providing information to owners and breeders, and to facilitate the best management possible of these conditions by providing current information to veterinarians.
  • The 100 Silliest Things People Say About Dogs – Copyright 2009 by Alexandra Semyonova
  • Self Control and Using Energy – “My results prove that yes, self control does correspond with diet,” said Miller. “There’s a reason that you should eat healthy foods that provide longer lasting sources of glucose. Your brain stays strong, and your resistance/self control from unhealthy foods stays high. Foods like carrots and lean proteins take longer to break down, so they provide glucose for a longer period of time.”
  • Physical Therapy for dogs  Products for Pets  http://www.physicaltherapists.com/articles/physical-therapy-for-pets.htmlets
  • UrbanPup.com – Buy Original and Luxury Dog Fashions & ; Accessories at UrbanPup.com. The latest fashions, Dog Collars, Dog Accessories, Pet Carriers and Designer Clothes.
  • Escape the Planet Urine – Urine happens. We can help! We Help Pet Owners SOLVE Their Pet Urine Problems. Get FREE expert help with pet urination problems!
  • Fetch Dog – Dog Beds – We are an online community for passionate dog lovers and provide the highest quality dog supplies and expert information on dogs.
  • 2 Hounds Design –  Our Patented Freedom No-Pull Harness makes walking your dog easy! With its intuitive design, the patented Freedom No-Pull Harness provides a natural ease when walking your dog. The dual point leash system attaches to both the patented loop between the shoulder blades and the front chest ring. This allows you to easily stop your dog from pulling and makes steering them a breeze.
  • Dog Bed – Dog Beds From Mammoth Outlet. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Mammoth is committed to producing top notch dog beds at an affordable price.
  • Dog leg brace – Leading Dog leg brace provider Orthovet serves veterinary clinics and individuals with dog orthopedic braces.
  •  “Guide to Dental Care for Pets” – http://www.dentalone-md.com/guide-to-dental-care-for-pets/

Sleep Health for Pets

Insurance for your dog

 Pet ID Information

  • Fine Pet ID Tags – Double Sided Pet ID Tags – Dog Tags and Cat Tags keep your pet safe. Custom Pet ID Tags- Military Dog ID Tags and Cat ID Tags available in many shapes, sizes, colors. Personalized Cat Tags & Military Dog Tags help to return your pets.
  • Compassionate Pet Services – Losing a pet is a very stressful and even traumatic experience. A well organized search plan provides the best chance to bring your pet home safely. Unfortunately, most people do not know how to effectively search for a lost pet…

Pet Sitting & Services

Andrew Brook Tails | Newbury NH area www.andrewbrooktails.com | 603-763-4686

Ingrid Braulini, Mgr.
The Happy Pet Caregivers, LLC
PO Box 680
Grantham, NH 03753-0680
603-738-6145 (c)

Day Care & Dog Boarding

Mountain View Pet Resort

Rescues / Humane Society’s

Upper Valley Humane Society   www.uvhs.org

Pet Photography

  • Pet Portraits by Portrait Artist Joseph – Captivating Digital Portrait Paintings on Canvas from Your Photos. E-mail or mail me your favorite photo of your pet, your cat, dog, horse or anything, I will transform it into a digital portrait painting on fine art canvas and ship to anywhere.

Enrichment for your Pet

www.petedge.com   supplies for your pet

HotDiggidy Dog — dog clothing, dog collars, dog beds and cat beds supplier UK

Valu-Direct Pet Supplies – Dog Food, Leather Dog Collars & Leads,  Dog Beds, Hamster Cages, Cat Scratching Posts and more! – 100’s of discounts available on Brand Name Pet Food & Accessories, from the leading manufacturers, for your Cat, Dog, Bird, Fish, Small Animals & Reptiles, delivered direct to your door in the UK

Popular Dog Names – Find out what dog names are popular this year at Dog Names Woof!

Funeral Services for your pet

  • The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement (APLB) is the only Internet clearing house dealing with the loss of a pet. It is a nonprofit international alliance of bereavers and counselors, dedicated to helping others.