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Shelter Evaluations / Rescue Protocols

Choosing a dog or puppy should take you lots of time, thought and consideration. It should not be a spur-of-the-moment decision made because he is so cute, or because you feel bad for her situation. Puppies should never be given as a surprise gift.

When you bring a puppy home, you have taken on a responsibility for the next ten or fifteen years, and you should think carefully about what type of home you can provide. Do you have time to spend with a puppy, walking, training and playing? Can you afford to pay for food, vaccinations and veterinary bills to keep your dog in good health?

Once you are sure that you are ready for the responsibility of dog ownership, you should give thought to what kind of dog will best fit with your lifestyle. Libraries, bookstores, and pet supply stores are all places you can go to find books with information about different breeds. Make a list of breeds that interest you and then call your local dog club to locate breeders in your area. You should meet some adult dogs of the breed you are interested in to be sure that the breed is a good match. Find out how much grooming the dog requires. If it is a longhaired breed that may require professional grooming, find out how much this will cost in your area.

Obedience trainers are also a good resource and can give you information about the temperament of different breeds. While a good breeder should give you honest information, some may be more interested in selling you a puppy than in meeting your needs.

Temperament Evaluation

While different breeds have different characteristic temperaments, individual dogs within a breed can have very different personalities. How can you choose a dog/puppy whose personality will fit well with your needs? There is a series of tests that can help predict the type of dog your puppy will become – aggressive and dominant, confident and eager to please, or shy and submissive.

But remember this is an evaluation of today and there are many things you can do to help the fearful or overly rambunctious dog /puppy.

If you aren’t experienced with puppies, ask a friend who is to go with you. Some dog trainers are happy to help you select an appropriate dog / puppy. Here are a few simple tests that you can do to get a better sense of a dog’s/puppy’s temperament: Choosing a Puppy.

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