Apprentice Program

Dee Ganley is Certified through 2 different organizations:

  • I have earned my  CPDT-KSA, CBCC-KA – www.ccpdt.org
  • I’m a Certified Animal Behavior Consultant (CABC) for cats, dogs and horses – www.iaabc.org

Goal: To assist a prospective dog trainer in evaluation his/her aptitude for, interest in and commitment to being a professional dog trainer or dog training assistant. Upon completion of this course, student should be prepared to make a decision about pursuing dog training as a career goal.

Two different levels to choose from:

  • Pre-Apprentice – 40 hours
  • Full Apprentice Program – 200-300 hours  GOAL to take CCPDT exam

More information:

  • View Dee Ganley Dog Training Apprentice Program 2015 for more details including fee schedule and registration form – CLICK HERE.
  • So How Do You Begin? – CLICK HERE.
  • Being a dog trainer or studying to become one is hard work. It requires a great deal of reading of the current literature, a mastery of understanding of the scientific principles of operant and classical conditioning which can take years and extensive practical experience.  On Becoming a Professional Dog Trainer – CLICK HERE