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Dee with Dazzle & Tucker her Australian Shepherds trained in agility and herding

Dee with Dazzle & Tucker her Australian Shepherds trained in agility and herding


Behavior and Training Consultant
Author of: Changing People Changing Dogs

Dee is a dog trainer & behavior consultant for you & your four-footed friend available to teach you to be the best leader your dog could have!

Helping your dog to be the best he can be by teaching basic manners like walking on a loose leash, sit for greeting, recalls from distractions, walking past other dogs and people calmly and quietly.

Behavior Problem solving: difficult dogs are my specialty, feisty Fido’s reactive dogs, the Nervous Nellie’s-shy dogs, deaf dogs, small dogs with big attitudes, those dogs with separation anxiety, fearful aggressiveness and so much more.

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Meet Dee Ganley, CPDT-KSA, CBCC-KA

The training and behavioural work I do with the public and shelter community is about how to achieve the two goals: Getting behaviour we want and getting rid of behaviour we don’t want, humanely and while having fun! I teach positive reinforcement, and I place a very strong emphasis on managing a dog’s environment for safety.

“Loving” our dogs doesn’t create trustworthy companions. Commitment by a dog to his people is the result of humane training and diligent management. It happens when we wholly accept the responsibility to lead, but not to dominate. Humane leadership allows the dog’s capacity to think and feel to be used for learning rather than defence and avoidance.

Over the years, the dogs and people I have helped have returned the favour 100 fold. They have taught me that learning and teaching is about “calm attentiveness”. Fixing problems starts with paying attention quietly, openly and always positively. Learning this, I have become much more relaxed, calm and decisive in my interactions with dogs. You get attention when you give attention. Working effectively with dogs means communication starts with the calm, attentive watcher. Wonderfully, this way of listening with your eyes as well as your ears, becomes a way of life and spills over into everything.

For 35+ years I’ve taught training classes and advised individuals on how to create positive partnership with their dogs. In the mid-1990’s I began sharing positive reinforcement training with the deeply committed people working in the shelter world. From 1998-2004, I was the Training and Behaviour Manager for the Upper Valley Humane Society in Enfield, NH. My single most important goal was to create a shelter and training program that teaches the dogs self-control skills. I worked with the staff, volunteers and the public, helping them use positive reinforcement to change rude dogs into agreeable family members. Shelter dogs have shown me that self-control skills are the foun- dation of adoption success. They literally mean the difference between life and death.

Today, I am back in private practice, which now includes travelling to many wonderful places helping shelters, rescues, or just folks who want to learn my practical, humane techniques to change our dogs and ourselves into friends and partners for life.

Certainly what I share with you comes from many fine authors and trainers and I deeply grateful for their insights. But it is the dogs who have shown me their astonishing capacity to change when we are wise enough to reinforce them for trying and forgiving us for our impatience and lack of good knowlege about who You are and what You are trying to tell us. We humans need to learn to talk dog! Let me help you and your four footed friend.


Private obedience training consultations for manners, agility, CGC (Canine Good Citizen), and future service dogs:

  • Initial single consultation: $60 at Dee’s home in East Andover, NH or $45-$85 at place of convenience – This includes free phone consultations for non- aggressive issues. It doesn’t include any building rental fees if applicable.


  • $150 for 1 private & 1 follow up -plus free phone consultations
  • $200 for 1 private & 3 follow ups (my home only) -plus free phone consultations
  • You must pay any room rental fees.

Not sure?

Dee does phone consultations at $60 an hour or $45 for 1/2 hour—to be followed up with a written plan. This would be for adolescent issues–not aggression or separation anxiety, which need in person assessment.

Fees for behavior consultations:

  • These fees for more serious issues Initial single consultation (within 20 miles of Andover NH)
    $85-$125 for 1-1.5 hours – plus free phone consultations (This fee doesn’t include any building rental fees.)
  • Packages: $150 for 1 private and 1 follow up or $250 for 1 private and 3 follow ups—my home or place of convenience within 30 miles of Andover NH (plus free phone consultations ).


  • All first consultation fees include a 70 +page training manual, which provides detailed how-to instructions so you can accomplish your homework. Other handouts specific to your issues are also included.
  • If you live beyond the 30 mile radius of Dee’s home in East Andover—give her a call for a fee quote.


Want help choosing your next dog?

Dee is available to go with you to pick out your new four-footed friend or just sit down and talk with you (and your family) about how to select your next best friend.   http://deesdogs.com/dog-training-resources/choosing-a-puppy/

What some professionals in the dog training community say about Dee:

“Dee is a skilled listener and a thoughtful person who takes in all that is around her but does not force her views. She has clear opinions and is secure about them but also open minded and appropriate about sharing with others….. I feel her assets include: a strong and varied background in all phases of dog care, ownership, behavior and training; established connections and ac- ceptance as a leader in the sheltering and dog communi- ties; …. her thirst for new knowledge and willingness to evolve professionally; her calm and clear leadership skills; and emotional stability. “ Dana Crevling, Instructors Training Course, Dogs Of Course

“Dee Ganley is an inspiration. During the week I was there, I got to observe Dee’s teaching, which was professional, organized, compassionate, creative, and fun.” Donna Duford, Director, The PET Project San Francisco Animal Care and Control

How do we earn our dog’s friendship and cooperation?

Through attentive MANAGEMENT and do?” consistent POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT. Do you want your dog to love to “come”, sit and down walk on a loose lead past other dogs and people? Join these classes and learn the training techniques of positive reinforcement. Use these methods and your dog will want to train because you’ll be rewarding him for being right. No more pushing, pulling or jerking! You’ll learn the proper use of clicker training – a method developed to “tell” your dog precisely what he needs to do to be rewarded with food, play and praise.

Learn to manage your dog positively!Screen Shot 2013-02-27 at 9.26.57 AM

  • Positive reinforcement training for a happy, eager, and fun relationship with your dog
  • Private and group lessons in Agility, Obedience & Fun Nose Work
  • Behavioral problem solving consultations for Cats and Dogs


“Any time I give my dog a rawhide to chew on, my dog growls and protects it.. is he going to bite me? . . .”

“I want to find a dog for my family situation, what type of dog would be best since I have small chil- dren under the age of 4? Please help us!”

Dee working with a shelter dog.

Dee working with a shelter dog.

What problems can a behavior consultant help you solve?

  • Destructiveness
  • Biting
  • Failure to housetrain
  • Separation anxiety
  • Aggression (toward dogs or people)
  • Fear
  • Hyperactivity
  • Leash pulling
  • Unable to settle / over stimulation
  • Introducing new children or animals into your household

What training skills will you learn how to teach your dog?

Flip In Suitcase

Flip In Suitcase

Life Skills:

  • Sit for greeting (not jumping up)
  • Waiting at doors
  • Permission Games
  • Attention & focus on you
  • Reliable Recalls
  • Veterinary manners
  • Loose Lead walking- No Pulling